Carrying Sports Duffel (Pre-Order)


Elevate Your Workouts

FLUID BOXER™ makes a perfect pairing for any “On Demand” home fitness program, including Peloton, Rumble, MIRROR, FightCamp, and more!

Ideal for:
H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)
Calisthenic Body Weight Training
Core Exercises
Strength Training

More Affordable Than A Traditional Boxing Set Up

On top of that, it’s affordable! While heavy bag kits can cost $300 or more (not to mention installation expenses) FLUID BOXER™ is available for just $99!

Focus on your grit, not your grip!

For decades, dumbbells have been the standard for increasing resistance while shadowboxing. Not anymore! We took the natural feel of a boxing glove and incorporated fluid resistance, which far exceeds the comfort and training benefits you receive when shadowboxing.


Sleeker slimmer profile & eye-catching aesthetics - logo colors subject to change

Proprietary lay-flat water valve for safety, child proofing + leak-proof cap. Easily Screws off & secures with coin or any flat object

Velcro strap for easy and simple securing

Trademark pending name "Fluid Boxer" is the best and latest version available vs original

Newly engineered sewn inner sleeve for comfort and assistance in moisture-wicking

New Material vs original PVC: Durable Polyurethane ensures longevity, maximum glove flexibility for easier grip and increased dynamic resistance from shifts in water