At $99, the FLUID BOXER™ is more affordable than traditional bags and gloves.


Lightweight (just 16 oz. when empty) and easy to pack for a workout on the road.


Efficient workouts that stimulate primary, secondary, and even tertiary muscle groups.

Miguel P.

These gloves can help a lot of fighters extend their careers. People might not accept this training style at first, but I think it will be a gold standard in years to come.

Ashleigh G.

The Aqua Boxing Gloves are the perfect complement to my subscription training, and they are super easy to travel with. I even train in-between my fitness shoots to make sure I stay looking lean for the camera!

A Note From The Founder

Founder and inventor, Tony Adeniran, formed Aqua Boxing Glove in 2020 during a very desperate and uncertain time in our world.  The staple product of Aqua Boxing Glove, the patent pending Fluid Boxer, is truly a product born out of the pandemic.

In response to the lock downs and shortages of truly mobile and versatile boxing equipment, Tony Adeniran used his combined experience of more than 20 years in the sport of boxing as a certified coach, boxer, and gym owner to personally develop the Fluid Boxer with an experienced team of engineers and designers. The Fluid Boxer was created in the vision of a boxer but with everyday fitness seekers in mind. Finally, everyone can shadowbox fluidly and experience the enhanced performance & calorie burning benefits of dynamic resistance anywhere in the world!