Our Athletes

Moonique Benavidez
As a busy teacher and personal trainer, Moonique loves to use the Aqua Boxing Gloves to switch up her boxing workouts. The just add water concept allows her to train while on the go with no worries. She finds training with ABGs to be a fun training compliment to her heavy bag and mitt-work flow.
Matthew Juarez
Matthew is a Boxing enthusiast and coach of more than a decade. He has seen and used many different types of weighted gloves and to his experience, “The Aqua Boxing Gloves feel different than any boxing glove I’ve ever used. I mean that in a good way. They feel like the natural resistance you feel when your arms get heavy.” He uses the Aqua boxing gloves on the double end bag and as a warmup/cool down for his rotators on his light days.
Daniel Leija
Personal trainer and Boxer Daniel Leija loves to train with the ABG but he also uses them with his fighters. His favorite training method is to use the light reflex pool noodles as targets for his clients when they wear the ABG. His goal is to use the added weight to increase the speed and endurance of his fighters. From his own testimony he has seen a marked increase in performance from his fighters after extended consistent use with our product.
Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay is an NBA player of the Utah Jazz (formely of the San Antonio Spurs). In his own words, “This is a great product for rehab, endurance and reflexes”. His coaches find that the Aqua Boxing Gloves are safer than using impact for resistance because hand injuries from impact on a bag or mitts could be fatal to a cross training athlete’s career.
Patricio O’ward
Patricio is an elite level professional INDYCAR driver and champion. He is constantly on the road traveling for races, so it makes it extremely difficult for him to access a heavy bag to train with his coach virtually. The ABG has been a game changer for him. Not only does the lack of impact preserve his hands for racing but the dynamic resistance also more closely mimics what he feels on the track powering through sharp turns at high rates of speed with no power steering!
Chasheri S.
As a busy schoolteacher and new mother, the ABG allows her to train at home without the need to install a heavy bag. With such a hectic schedule she needs to be able to train on the spot “quietly” as the babies take a nap. Not to mention, she brags that she is able to burn more calories in shorter time due to the dynamic resistance so in her case like many, “time saved is time earned”
Chris A.
Chris is a long-time track athlete who uses the Aqua Boxing Gloves to get creative in the gym. Running form is critical to track athletes, so he uses the dynamic slosh in the water to mimic turbulence which runners may experience when their form begins to break down at the end of a sprint. Wearing the ABGs during ladder footwork drills and stationary arm driving drills has allowed him to train in a way many of his opponents don’t realize is available. In his own words, “Any opportunity for competitive advantage at the highest level is a must have. Training with the ABG is similar to doing pool work, without the having to go to the pool part”
John A.
As a tri-athlete with multiple Ironman’s under his belt, John quickly understood how to effectively implement the ABG training into his busy but monotonous training routine. To further strengthen his shoulders and back, John trains with the Aqua Boxing Gloves for 30 min before swimming, biking, or running to pre-exhaust which allows a very conditioned athlete like himself to enhance the benefits of his usual training.
Ashleigh G.
Ashleigh is a busy model who never has time to go to the gym. She enjoys training with at home ON-DEMAND fitness subscriptions like; Peloton, Rumble, and MIRROR. She exclaims, “The Aqua Boxing Gloves are the perfect complement to my subscription training, and they are super easy to travel with. I even train in-between my fitness shoots to make sure I stay looking lean for the camera!”
Miguel P.
Miguel is a Professional Boxer and crossover MMA fighter. His hands have taken a serious beating over the years between the cage and the ring. The ABGs have allowed him a way to prepare for fights without the constant impact. He has used weighted boxing gloves in the past, but none have ever been marketed as a standalone product. All weighted boxing gloves on the market to his experience require a heavy bag and have had all the weight allocated to the wrist so it never felt natural for him. The ABG has been the most realistic alternative training tool for Miguel during his grueling camps and give his hand pain relief in-between the heavy impact days. Miguel believes, “These gloves can help a lot of fighters extend their careers. People might not accept this training style at first, but I think it will be a gold standard in years to come”